Here are some prompts to get you started.

  • How has mental health or mental illness affected your life?

  • Does someone close to you struggle with mental illness? How has that affected or changed your perspective on the issue of mental health?

  • Have you yourself ever struggled with your mental health or a mental health condition?

  • What is the experience of having a loved one who struggles with a mental illness?

  • How does the stigma surrounding mental health and suicide affect you? What can be done to help alleviate the stigma?

  • What do you hope others can learn from your experience or perspective?

  • Describe a moment, uplifting or challenging, that affected your outlook on mental health. What made that moment so influential and what did you learn as a result?

  • Reflect on a misconception about mental health, mental illness, or suicide that has had an impact on you. How can you use your voice and experience to educate others about these misconceptions?

  • Has there been someone in your life who's been a source of support at a time when you struggled with your mental health? What did their support look like and what did it mean to you? What would you want loved ones to know about your experience to best support you?

  • What has your mental illness or experience with mental health taught you that you wouldn't have otherwise known?

  • What has it taken to get to where you are today?