What are we looking for?

We like to keep it open. Write your story in a way that feels most authentic you. Share your experience with bravery, honesty, and integrity.

Embrace that while your experience will share similarities with others, your story is unique.

Keep it real. Honor wherever you are in your journey, whether that be in the midst of struggle or emerging from recovery.

Why share your story?

  • to heal

  • to educate others about misconceptions surrounding mental health and illness

  • to let others know they are not alone

  • to spread hope

  • to share the humanness of struggle

  • because you feel like you have a message to share

  • to inspire others to share their voice

 Other things to keep in mind?

  • Share your story through your own perspective.

  • Some narratives may touch on the struggles of a friend or loved one. Please be respectful and consider the privacy of others if you include details of someone else’s experience. We encourage you to ask for permission when writing about a friend, peer, or family member, or to consider changing names when necessary.

  • All experiences are unique and valid, so aim to avoid comparison to anyone else’s struggles.

  • Questions to consider: What you want others to learn from reading your post? How do you hope for it to impact you along the course of your own journey?

  • We encourage you to OWN YOUR STORY, so publishing your name along with your experience can be a source of empowerment for many. However, we acknowledge that these topics are highly personal, so we will keep your narrative anonymous if requested.