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We are growing our team over at Narratives of Hope! We have four open positions and we’re looking for some inspired people who share our passion for mental health, who believe in the power of sharing personal stories, and who want to help us create a community of people all over the world who are speaking up and coming together to address mental health, mental illness, and suicide.

If this sounds like you, or you’ve been looking for a way to get more involved with our organization and the mental health community, check out our open positions here!

featured narrative

I silently struggled with depression for as long as I can remember. There were many days I forced myself to simply get out of bed, eat something, take a shower, or even brush my teeth. Depression isn’t the only demon I hold hands with; anxiety and PTSD have made homes within me as well.

I have always been scared to ask for help concerning my mental illnesses. If it was confirmed something was wrong with me, people would think differently. I thought pushing it all aside would make it disappear. I thought to deal with it all myself would somehow make me stronger. I thought I could conquer my demons. It was only after turning to self-harm and the worries of my husband, that I decided to seek professional help.”

Narratives of Hope is dedicated to humanizing and destigmatizing issues of mental health through the sharing of personal stories.

Narratives of Hope provides young people from all walks of life with a powerful space for sharing, listening, and healing. We value every story.

By discussing recovery and triumph, Narratives of Hope brings the message that every story is unique and no one is alone.

Through the creation of a network and a community of peers from all over the world, we can come together to change the way we address mental health.


We are narratives of hope.