There is immense power in making your story known.

Nikki Sarah Our Story


Our journey leading up to the creation of Narratives of Hope began over four years ago when Nikki and Sarah, our founders, were students in high school. We had both lost people to suicide and our worlds were unsettled. From this darkness, we found an 18-mile suicide prevention walk in San Francisco, which exposed us to the brilliant and resilient community that exists amidst the devastation of suicide.


In the summer of 2014, as we drove home from Seattle after completing another suicide prevention walk, our conversation landed on what’s next. We wanted to do more, to impact people in a more direct way. We wanted to give people the opportunity to open up and reflect on their own experiences with suicide and other mental health struggles. Thus began the earliest stages of Narratives of Hope.


We were fortunate to receive overwhelming enthusiasm when we reached out to close friends, family members, and people in our college and high school communities about our mission. However, young and excited, our ambitions lacked foundation. We desperately wanted our project to become more than an idea that our initial momentum, fueled by excitement, was never seen into completion.


All of this brings us to today. We have poured our hearts and souls into the creation of Narratives of Hope in hopes that we can, perhaps in both small and big ways, transform the lives of the many individuals affected by mental illness and suicide.


Sharing a narrative provides a space for healing as well a way to let those who struggle to know that they are not alone. This organization aims to provide a platform to read about unique experiences, learn from others, heal, and ultimately bring to light issues that are not often discussed openly. We hope that this space will deepen the common understanding of these complex issues, humanize, and bring to light misconceptions about mental health. Above all, we aim to unify in the hopes of impacting lives and initiating change.


Narratives of Hope is dedicated to humanizing and de-stigmatizing issues of mental health through the sharing of personal stories. Narratives of Hope provides young people from all walks of life with a powerful space for sharing, listening, and healing. We value every story. By discussing recovery and triumph, Narratives of Hope brings the message that every story is unique and no one is alone. Through the creation of a network and a community of peers from all over the world, we can come together to change the way we address mental health.

Read A Story. Share Your Story. Own Your Story.

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